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HULL700 Celebrating the Past - Pioneering the Future In 1999 the city of Kingston upon Hull celebrates its 700th anniversary with a series of celebrations promoting the city and raising awareness of both its innovative achievements of the past and potential for the future.

The strategic importance of Hull, first recognised by Edward I 700 years ago when he granted the city a Royal Charter, is still very much in evidence today. Hull provides the changing world of trade and business with significant economic and geographic advantages, its position on the East coast of England making Hull a natural trading route between the UK, Europe and the rest of the World.

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Hull is both a modern and forward thinking city, its history giving rise to an independence of character. Hull has always inspired an intrepid breed of men and women; for instance our deep sea trawlermen, the aviator Amy Johnson (who flew solo to Australia in the 1930's), Joseph Rank and George Earl (pioneers of the Industrial Revolution whose foresight and courage made Hull an international city), and William Wilberforce (the slavery abolitionist).
Hull700 is an opportunity for the people of the city to signal to the world that we mean business, working together as a community to re-establish Hull as one of the UKs most dynamic and enterprising cities.

Partnerships have been forged between private businesses, the City Council, and other organisations to deliver a programme of events appealing to local, national and international audiences. This wide range of events covers cultural, sporting, educational, religious, community and business themes. Not only will 1999 provide a commemorative year of events, it will also leave a legacy which will benefit the whole of the community by raising Hull's profile as a pioneering city of distinctive character.